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2011-12-28 04:56 pm

Flan 2.0

[From 461 Stone Street, maniacal laughing echoes down the street. Within his home, Professor Desty Nova has regained items dear to his research and experimentation in Karmatology. His trademark goggles that double as super computer like devices, and a large vial of Nanomachines.]


Kyhaha! I am ever so happy! I got back some quintessential equipment in my research! Though I must admit that it's becoming more difficult due to all the possible... aggression of our fellow residents, I am in much need of an assistant or bodyguard. Anyone who accepts will be given a most generous payment!

[Action - In front of 461 Stone Street.]

[Nova, with a wide grin on his face, as well as bizarre goggles, has set up a stand with dozens of cups of flan pudding. They're labelled as FREE. Dare you approach and try one?]
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2011-12-11 05:44 pm

First Flan!

461 Stone Street

[Professor Desty Nova, the most brilliant and psychotic mind of his time and world... woke up in a comfy bed and smell of breakfast from coming downstairs. Nova has no idea where or when he is, if any of his friends or foes are nearby... but regardless, this new setting for experiments and all around mayhem causes him to break out into a traditional mad scientist's maniacal laughter!]

Action: In Front Of 461 Stone Street, you may notice a strange man inspecting every inch of his front lawn, form the grass to the lamp post, as though he were looking for something.

Around Town: Nova is inspecting every shop on mainstreet, as though he were window shopping but taking elaborate notes.

PHONE: I must say that for once I am quite confused. This locale is so odd. And waking up here like this out of nowhere! My goodness, I fear I maybe caught in someone else's experiment! But what a find, my Karmatonic studies will simply explode with findings! Ah, but where are my manners, I am Professor Desty Nova. But my first and most important question to whoever's listening... where can I find precious Flan in this land? Kyahahaha!